Choosing the right garage door colour

The great thing about a garage is the functionality and versatility it offers you, whether you’re using it to store your car or exploring one of the many ways in which you can convert your garage to suit your needs. However, the impact of your garage door on the overall look and visual appeal of your property can’t be understated. Picking the right colour for your door is important, so here are a few helpful guidelines to follow when making your decision.

Complement your house

Whether your garage is attached or free-standing, it’s useful to consider the colour and trim of your house. Having a house painted one colour and a garage painted in a completely contrasting colour will look strange, so you may want to match your house or at least find a tone that complements it.

Consider the materials

A colour that looks good next to a brick garage may have the same effect on a concrete garage. You also don’t necessarily need a painted door at all – you could opt for a wood grain finish, or even a timber door if you want your garage to take on a more rustic appearance.

If in doubt, play it safe

Many modern doors can come in hundreds of different colours, with a range of finishes and accessories on top to further complicate matters. If you still don’t know what colour is best for your garage door, then you can’t go wrong with good old-fashioned white for a clean, classic look.

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