Different door types explained

Have you been thinking about investing in a new garage door for your home recently? Not to worry, the expert team here at ABi Garage Doors Ltd are here to help clear things up. We often get asked about the different features and benefits of each of our garage doors, so we thought we would write a big article containing all the key information you will need.

Here are the different garage door types we have on offer to you:

Up and over

The up and over garage door is a popular option for the ABi Garage Doors Ltd customers and it’s down to one reason – they’re extremely reliable. It is the standard garage door type & has been round for years. Despite the change in garage door functionality and technology, its operation has always stayed the same which says something about its quality and reliability.

The doors operation is how it sounds, it opens vertically and goes up and over the door’s opening then sliding back through the ceiling – but unfortunately, the door does swing out. We have the highest quality up and over garage doors in the region here at ABi Garage Doors Ltd, and to prove it, here is a full list of benefits:

  • Wide choice of colours, styles and finishes
  • Broad range of traditional and modern designs
  • Four-point locking systems for maximum security
  • Matching steel frame options
  • Comprehensive 10-year guarantees
  • A choice of electric or manual operation


The sectional garage door is without a doubt our most popular garage door and extremely easy to see why. It offers fantastic security, insulation levels and there is no loss of driveway unlike the up and over garage door, meaning storage space is also enhanced.

Made up of separate panels, the sectional garage door opens vertically and slides along the track, but doesn’t swing out, meaning you can park your car however close to the garage as you like.

Our sectional garage doors are available with three levels of insulation (uninsulated, single-skin and double-skin), meaning you can protect your garage but still not break the bank. If you have an attached garage, we recommend the highest level as it’s easy for cold air to seep in to your home.

  • A choice of electric or manual operation
  • UV-resistant primers
  • A huge range of colours
  • Manual or electric operation
  • 10-year guarantee


The most reliable garage door we have on offer here is roller garage door. It offers great security levels, fantastic insulation and saves a ridiculous amount of space, all at an extremely reasonable price.

The roller is made up of multiple slats that roll round itself above the door opening. The door opens vertically and has no internal tracks thanks to the drum which the door tightly compacts itself around. This means that aside from a small box above the opening, there is no space taken up by the garage door, therefore you have more storage space than if you were to choose any other garage door.

  • Able to fit almost any opening
  • Electric operation and wind locks as standard
  • More than 200 colours to pick from
  • Corrosion-proof coatings
  • 10-year guarantee included as standard

Side hinged

One of our personal favourites here at ABi is the side hinged garage door as adds a bit of class to your home’s exterior – they are particularly good for complimenting homes with a traditional look in rural locations.

Not only does it have aesthetic beauty but it is also mixed with some skilful engineering, meaning the doors are high performing, extremely durable and are a certainty to add some much-needed class to your home.

Just like the up and over garage door, the side hinged is pretty self-explanatory. The door is fixed on to a hinge and opens sideward which is very simple and hasn’t changed since its creation, just like the up and over garage door.

  • Variety of classical and contemporary designs
  • 200 different colours to choose from
  • Can be matched to existing features of your property
  • Manual operation comes as standard
  • Fantastic array of accessories to choose from

If you require further information on any of our garage doors, accessories or services, don’t hesitate to give one of our friendly team a call on 01709 318722.