How would a garage conversion benefit you?

Are you in a situation where you are stuck for space due to ‘boomerang’ children or elderly parents? Or maybe even just a growing family? Well the most cost-effective, simple way of solving this issue is to convert your garage in to additional living space. Now, we hear you asking, ‘why a garage conversion?’, but trust us, it all makes sense.

A garage conversion can cost you anywhere between £5,000 and £10,000 – which is a lot of money. But the re-sale value is a whole lot more – a single garage conversion can add up to an additional 10% to your homes value, and a double garage conversion can add up to 22%. So even though the initial cost is hefty, when it comes to selling the property, you will see the financial benefits.

Secondly, garages are usually used as a storage space for items that are unwanted or unused, so a garage conversion also gives you the opportunity to have a huge clear out and get rid of all those items that are just collecting dust.

Also, very little people use their garage for its original purpose these days (to protect your car from the dangers of the outdoors). Due to this, you may as well take advantage of the space, and use it as additional living space as it can be used for anything you want – an extra bedroom, a home office, a man cave or even a home gym… whatever your heart desires.

If you were to move home for additional living space it would cost a lot more money and you wouldn’t have the freedom or control you would if you were to convert your garage. The other option is to add an extension on to your home which again, would cost more money, and you would also need planning permission – something you don’t need when converting your garage.

A surprisingly simple way of improving your garages curb appeal is to buy a new garage door, and here at ABi Garage Doors Ltd, we supply top of the range garage doors. So feel free to give us a call on 01709 318722.