Garage conversions to improve your home

When you think about a garage, most people just think of it as a place to store a car amongst other items, but it has the potential to be something much more than that. With a bit of effort and imagination, your garage can make a huge impact on your home’s value as well as adding to the amount of living space available to you.

For many homes across the UK, the garage is used for their car or in some cases, the whole space is neglected which is an absolute waste. The team here at ABi Garage Doors Ltd are here to help you decide what you want from your garage and simplify the various aspects that are important to a successful garage conversion.

Home office

Some may see this option as a tad boring, but it’s arguably the most appreciated type of garage conversion. Thousands of people across the UK work from home, and a large selection of these people may not even have an office in their home, they just use their kitchen table or sofa – both of these have plenty of things around to distract.

Converting your garage to a home office will not only see you add value to your home, but it will also provide you a space to get away and be secluded. The main problem for those who work from home is that they struggle to keep their work-life and personal life separate as the two are in the same building. But if your home office is out in the garage, you’ll feel like you’re going out to work (sort of).

Guest suite

This is one of our favourite ideas when it comes to a garage conversion as it provides not only a bedroom for your guest, but a lavatory too – ultimate hospitability. Your guest will feel right at home with this conversion – whether they be a family member, friend or even a renter who needs a place to stay for the night.

Your guests aren’t the only ones who will benefit, you could use the guest suite as a room for you to go if the other half is snoring. It will also add significant value to your home as you will have an extra bedroom on your property added to the fact that a single garage conversion can add up to 20% to your home’s value.

Kids playroom

If you can provide your child with their very own space to get creative and play in a large area with their friends, you will get brownie points for life. Not only will the kids love you for it, but it means the rest of your home won’t get clogged up and messy with all of their toys and equipment (hopefully). A separate room is also key for a child’s development as it will mean they will have their own space, a space which they need to take care of on their own.

The perfect playroom should be a colourful, fun-filled space that can grow with your child instead of being in dire need of decoration every two or three years.

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