Garage door updates to boost curb appeal

When it comes to home projects that can be led by yourself, there is no better one than to upgrade your garage door. For many people across the UK, the garage door is the main entryway to their home and takes up around 20% of its front. It’s the first thing that any visitor will see and one of the only things that people passing by will see, so it’s important that you make an impact. But how can you do that?

Be bold

You could take huge advantage of the current state of your neighbours in this situation – take a look around and if there is a common theme running through all of their doors, here is your chance to stand out. Don’t fade into the same old theme, be bold and stand out – whether that be with an unorthodox design or a bright colour, we recommend you get creative.

Take it back

Dependant on the design of your home and the time it dates back to, you could make a few changes to and around your garage door that could match the home’s original architectural style. For example, if your home has a Tudor look or origin, then we recommend adding crossbeams and windowpanes which will make a huge influence.

Switch it up

Sometimes its better to freshen things up than to try and improve what is on the decline. By this we mean you could benefit from a brand-new garage door – especially one of the high-quality ones on offer to you here at ABi Garage Doors Ltd, such as a sectional or roller garage door.

If you think that your garage door is a huge eye sore and is potentially damaging your ROI, give one of the experienced, friendly team a call here at ABi Garage Doors Ltd. We have been providing Rotherham and the surrounding area with top-quality garage doors for the past 30 years. This experience gives us the knowledge and skillset to help you, our customers pick the perfect garage door for your home. Get in touch, call us today on 01709 318722.