Helpful tips to improve your garage security

Having a garage which is susceptible to break-ins isn’t a smart move at all – especially if your garage is directly connected to your house. So to help you out, the team here at ABi Garage Doors Ltd have come up with a list of helpful tips which will help improve your garage security and possibly your own personal safety.

Always keep your opener with you

If a potential intruder spots your garage door opener in your car, it could be game over. When they have the garage door opener in their possession, they have access to your garage and whatever is in it, and potentially have access to the rest of your home (if your garage is attached to your home).

Keep your garage door it closed

This seems straight forward, but it’s a lot harder for a burglar to break in to your garage if the door is closed. If you’re prone to leaving it open, invest in an app or a timer which automatically closes it should you forget.

Install a motion-activated light

These lights are especially good when coupled with an outdoor security camera, and can be bought for cheap online. They have infrared sensors in them, which allows them to catch warm moving objects, which could be a pain if your neighbours have cats.

Frost the windows

A particular hobby of potential intruders is to do a bit of window shopping in homeowner’s garages, and one way to stop them from doing this is to either frost your windows or cover them completely – frosting the windows still allows the natural light to come through.

If you’re looking for a new garage door to secure your garage, give one of the team a call here at ABi Garage Doors Ltd on  01709 318722 and one of us will be happy to help.