How would I benefit from a roller garage door?

Here at ABi Garage Doors Ltd, our roller garage doors are of high quality and are available to you in many different materials and finishes. Whatever finish or material you choose, a secure garage door is guaranteed.

Not only are our garage doors extremely secure, but they also contribute to the whole look of your home amongst many other benefits which can be found below.


If you’re looking to have your garage door automated, the roller garage door can fit right in with that process. You can either have it installed at the time when the garage door is fitted, or further down the line if needs be. If you need any further information on garage door automation, our article can be found here.

Less vulnerable to damage

Roller garage doors are made from folded or corrugated sheets and thanks tot the corrugation, it adds extra sturdiness, meaning any impact won’t damage the garage door. The strength also heavily increases security, which is extremely important to any garage – the securer the better.

Space saving

The main benefit of a roller garage door is the amount of space you save compared to other popular garage door types such as up and over garage door or sectional garage door. A roller wraps tightly around a coil which is stored in a drum above the opening of the garage door – saving you head space. You can also save space thanks to the fact you can park your car as close to the door as possible, as the roller garage door has no ‘kick-out’, saving you shins taking a beating in the process.

ABi Garage Doors Ltd are one of the leading suppliers of Hormann roller garage doors in the South Yorkshire area and are well known to many home and business owners in the region.

Thanks to our excellent experienced members of staff, who are trained to the highest standards, we have an enviable reputation in the Rotherham area. If you would like to speak to us about our roller garage door please give us a call on 01709 318722 for more information.