Do you need to replace your garage door opener?

Garage door openers are a piece of equipment that many homeowners up and down the UK take for granted – by pressing a single button, you can open and close your garage whenever you like. The garage door is the most often used entryway to thousands of homes, meaning if it needs replacing, it needs to be done as soon as possible – it can’t work flawlessly all the time.

But how do you know it’s time for a new opener?


Old garage doors are traditionally noisier due to the chain drives. They weren’t originally built to keep noise to a minimum and as time goes on, it will only get louder and more disturbing. We suggest investing in a new belt drive opener which will more or less guarantee a quieter operation.

But if you’ve got a new garage door opener that is rather loud and unpleasant, that’s cause for concern. If this is the case, call a specialist who will be able to come out and identify and hopefully resolve the issue for you.


If you’ve got a door that vibrates right from the off, it shouldn’t be anything to worry about. But if the magnitude of the vibrations keeps on developing over time, you need to keep an eye on it as it could be an issue. If it starts to get serious, the vibrations could start to shake the door loose which could lead to injury or a broken car due to the door breaking free from its mounting.

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