Organise your garage with these easy steps

Now, we can pretty much guarantee that every household in the UK stores things in their garage that they shouldn’t. Whether it be gifts you never wanted at Christmas, or gym equipment you tell yourself you’re always going to start to use – either way, it needs organising.

Organising your garage can be quite the task, with multiple steps involved to make sure it is completely cleared of any clutter. So, to help you out, the team here at ABi Garage Doors Ltd have made it very easy for you.


Start off by completely clearing your garage and having a real good clean of the space. Once the garage is clean, create the areas: keep, sell, recycle/donate – these are the categories that you will organise your items in to. You need to be ruthless when it comes to throwing things away, the golden rule is if you’ve not used it in a year, it’s time to clear.


Now that you have optimised your items, it’s time to organise. Group each item in to a specific category (camping equipment, gardening tools etc.) and place them all together, this will make it a lot easier when you invest in your storage, as you can assign each category a box – this makes each item easily accessible, especially if the boxes are labelled

Plan garage storage

This is the fun part. You now get to invest in whatever garage storage you want, but it’s important to be smart about it, and invest in what your garage needs. Popular storage systems include shelving, cabinets, hooks and boxes. But our favourite way of storage is overhead storage – it utilises overhead space, giving you even more room for storage on the floor.

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