Why you should park your car in the garage

The garage is very rarely used for its original function in this day and age – that function is to park your car inside it. Many homeowners opt to use their garage for an alternative use such as a home gym, additional living space, or even a man cave.

But the team here at ABi Garage Doors Ltd feel it is most beneficial to use the space to park your vehicle. Not only does it prolong the life of your car, but it prevents thieves and vandals from stealing and damaging it.

Parking on the curb

It is a huge risk to park your car on the curb, especially if you have a nice, warm and secure garage sitting next to your home. By choosing to leave it on the curb, you are increasing the chances of other drivers clipping your wingmirror, damage from pedestrians and even natural disasters.

Also, as we touched on previously, leaving your car out of the garage increases the chance of it being stolen. If you choose to park inside, you decrease the chances of all of these situations from happening.


Picture this – it’s a Wednesday evening and you’ve just done the weekly shop after work when torrential rain starts to fall.

Would you rather park inside your garage, meaning you have a warm, dry walk to your home? Or park outside and have a long, wet, unwanted walk to the front door with soaking groceries?

Protection from the elements

There are so many things outside which can harm the quality of your car’s interior as well as its exterior, and a lot of them are thanks to mother nature.

  • Extreme heat damages the engine and makes your car an uncomfortable environment
  • The freezing cold freezes certain parts of your car’s mechanism
  • Tree sap and bird droppings are acidic, meaning your car’s paintwork will be damaged
  • Rain, snow, sleet, mud and ice all speed up the rusting process.

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