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Roller Doors

Roller garage doors are the perfect choice of door if you are looking to save space both inside and outside your garage.  Roller doors work by opening upwards and then rolling into barrel casings.  This means that you can park vehicles very close to the garage door without causing obstruction or preventing it from opening.  Inside the garage there is also extra room which allows additional areas for storage or more space for larger cars or vans.

ABi Garage Doors Ltd offer roller doors in a variety of styles and finishes to suit the existing features of your home.  With over 200 different colours to choose from it is possible to match your door to your property perfectly.

If you desire a more traditional look, we also supply roller doors in two different types of wood-effect finish, Rosewood and Golden Oak.  Whilst providing the security of a roller door, these designs deliver an authentic timber appearance which is guaranteed to enhance the look of your property.

Electric operation comes as standard with all our Hormann roller garage doors.  This makes opening and closing more convenient than manual operation.  Every one of the doors we supply is also finished with a layer of UV-resistant coating.  This helps to increase their lifespan by providing vital protection against the elements.

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White Roller Garage Doors

White roller garage doors present a great option if you are looking for a stylish yet highly-functional garage door.

Our Hormann RollMatic roller doors come in traffic white as standard.  There have a smooth white finish, which not only looks great but is easy to clean and maintain too.  Made from the highest-quality materials and coated with anti-corrosion treatment, these doors are designed to withstand the elements and retain their colour for longer than other similar products available.

Another advantage of this type of door is its high level of insulation.  The roller doors are filled with a specialised CFC-free foam which helps keep warmth in and the cold out.  This not only saves you heat, but helps you to save money on your energy bills too.

White roller garage doors are incredibly versatile and one of our expert engineers will be able to help you install the perfect one in your property.  As they can be customised to fit different sized and shaped openings as well as slanting floors they can easily be tailored to meet your specific needs and circumstances.

If you would like to talk to us about the garage doors we stock and the bespoke fitting service we provide please get in contact on 01709 318722.

Coloured Roller Garage Doors

Coloured roller garage doors are a great option if you want a garage door that matches the existing features of your property.  With more than 200 different colours available you can be confident about finding the perfect shade to complement your home.

Other benefits of coloured roller garage doors include the fact that they are all treated with a weather-resistant coating.  This special finish provides protection against the harsh British climate and helps to increase the durability of the door.  The roller barrel casing means that when the door is open it is fully shielded from any dirt or possible damage too.

We install all our coloured roller doors as electric operated as standard.  This means that not only are they convenient to open and close but also that they include a number of safety features.  For example they can detect obstructions and have a safety cut-out as well as a pull cord to allow the door to release in an emergency.

For more information about coloured roller doors give us a ring 01709 318722.

Wood-Effect Roller Garage Doors

Wood-effect roller garage doors combine a traditional timber style with modern security features.  This means that you can achieve a classical look for you home whilst at the same time benefiting from the safety protection of a steel door.

A realistic timber-effect is attained by using a synthetic foil on the door which imitates the graining patterns found on actual wood.   Customers can opt for either a Golden Oak or Rosewood finish on our Decograin doors.  Golden Oak is a mellow, gold-yellow colour whereas Rosewood provides a rich medium-brown appearance and is a great choice if you want something a little darker.

As well as looking good, our wood-effect roller garage doors are highly functional too.  Each door is fully insulated providing a great way to keep heat inside your garage and helping to reduce your electricity bills.  Steel is also extremely durable meaning that not only are these doors robust but that they maintain their new look longer than their timber counterparts too.

As with our other roller garage doors, they are fitted as electric operated as standard.  It is however possible to fit it as a manual operated door if you would prefer this.

To discuss the range of wood-effect roller garage doors we stock please call our office on 01709 318722.

Features & Benefits

  • Able to fit almost any opening
  • Electric operation and wind locks as standard
  • Manual operation available upon request
  • More than 200 colours to pick from
  • A number of glazing options
  • Authentic wood-effect options
  • Corrosion-proof coatings
  • 10-year guarantee included as standard


I have used this Company before and therefore had no hesitation in using them again. On both occasions we received a first class, professional service from point of order to delivery and installation. Would highly recommend.

Carol Wright

All went smoothly. From placing the order to the installation taking place on the agreed date. The installation has been done to a very high standard and the quality of product, being German, is of course excellent. It is early days (only one week since the install) but as of now – a thoroughly good job!

J Dimberline

Excellent contractor/supplier. Turned up on time and on the day they said. Good work ethic and friendly staff. I had been given timescales of 6 to 8 weeks by other door suppliers but the process only took 2 weeks from initial survey to completed fitting. I would recommend ABI to others without hesitation.

Adam Hughes


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