Top tips to improve your curb appeal with your garage door

There are many things you can do to your home to improve your home’s curb appeal. You can retouch the paint on the front of your house, add some greenery or add lighting which switches on when people arrive – but there is one thing you can work on which can significantly bolster your home’s curb appeal, and that is your garage door.

What in particular can you do to your garage door to see the most benefits? Don’t worry, the specialists here at ABi Garage Doors Ltd are here to help with this one:

Add colour

If people can see your garage door when they are passing by your home, make it the focal point of your home – make it stand out from the crowd. It’s extremely important that you draw the eye to the entrance, as it makes your home feel welcoming and gives the front of your property a sense of character.

Your garage door doesn’t have to be a bright colour though, you can use colour to subtly match it up with the colour of your front door or the architectural style of your home.

Upgrade the garage door

This may be the most expensive way of improving your curb appeal when it comes to garage doors, but it’s certainly the best way. An online survey discovered that 71% of people who upgraded their garage door said they definitely saw a positive impact on their home’s value.

Not only will it add value, but a new garage door will look a lot better than an old one, especially if your old one was on its last legs.

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