Why won’t my garage door open or close?

The tell-tale moment when the garage door refuses to open and close is something we have all experienced – usually when you’re running late or pressed for time. The garage door is now the most commonly used way of getting in and out of your home, making the whole situation that little bit more frustrating.

It would be a huge advantage if you knew what was wrong with the garage door when it won’t open, so here at ABi Garage Doors Ltd, we have come up with a list of reasons as to why your garage door won’t work.

Garage door path blocked

By law, garage doors now must have sensors built in, to stop them from crushing anything that could be in their paths. So, if you’re struggling to open your garage door, be sure to check outside, on either side of the door for anything that may trigger the sensors.

Garage door spring and cables snapped

A broken spring or cable is the most common reason why garage doors don’t work. If you hear a loud, gunshot sounding noise, then that will be a spring breaking, and a cable runs along side the spring, so if one breaks, then the other tends to give way too.

Disconnect switch enabled

Every garage door is fitted with a disconnect switch, which allows your garage door to operate manually, just in case you ever lose power. So, if you can hear the motor still running in your garage door, but it isn’t opening or closing, then that is most likely the problem.

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