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Sectional Doors

Sectional garage doors offer a great combination of security, practicality and energy efficiency.  The stylish Hormann sectional garage doors we stock provide a great solution whatever the type of your property in Rotherham.

Sectional garage doors are different to up and over doors as they open upwards, rather than swinging outwards.  The benefit of this design is that it can save you space – both in terms of on your driveway as well as inside the garage itself.  As the door is suspended under the garage ceiling when it is open, this means there is more headroom and vertical shelf space for extra storage.

Our sectional doors also come with three levels of insulation: uninsulated, single-skin and double skin.  If your garage is attached to your home then we recommend the highest level of insulation as investing in this can save money on your heating costs by up to 15%!

All the sectional doors we provide come as either manual of electric operated.  They are available in a whole range of different colours and shades so you can choose the one which suits your needs and property best.

At ABi Garage Doors Ltd we understand that choosing a new garage door can be tricky.  That’s why we offer a complete service to all our clients.  From the initial consultation and quote through to supply and installation of your door you can rely on expert advice and high-quality work from our engineers.

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White Sectional Garage Doors

ABi Garage Doors Ltd offers white sectional garage doors in two different styles: Georgian panel and horizontal ribbed.  The Georgian panel design has a traditional feel to it whereas the ribbed door is popular with customers wanting to achieve a more contemporary look.

Whatever the design you choose, each comes in a choice of three sizes (small, medium or large) and provide different levels of insulation.  They also all come fitted with high-security locking systems.

You can select the desired surface finish for your door from Silkgrain, Woodgrain or Micrograin.  Silkgrain is, as its name suggests, silky smooth and provides a very modern look and finish.  The Woodgrain finish differs in that gives your door a sawn-timber appearance.  It is the most hardwearing of the three, making it the best option for doors that are used a lot.  The Micrograin finish falls between the other two with a smooth finish yet more traditional look.

All of our white sectional garage doors are installed as electric operated as standard.  They include a special safety sensor to prevent the door from closing when an obstruction is detected.  However, there is the option to fit manually if you would prefer this instead, just let us know what your preference is.

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Coloured Sectional Doors

We supply the whole range of Hormann coloured sectional garage doors meaning that no matter what kind of property you have, there is sure to be one that suits your needs.  With a variety of styles and over 200 different colours to choose from, whether your location is urban or rural there are plenty of options to match your home.

One of our professional engineers will be able to help you out from start to finish when purchasing a coloured sectional door.  They can carry out a site survey in order to determine a design that will complement the existing features of your property.  As sectional doors can be customised to fit openings of virtually any size they will also make sure that it fits in perfectly.  In addition, they can also recommend and install matching window and door frames to provide a uniform new look to your garage.

A key benefit of all our sectional garage doors is that they include weather-resistant seals on each of their four sides.  This increases the level of insulation they provide, keeping more heat inside during the long winter months.  As well as meaning a warmer garage, this extra efficiency can also result in a decrease in electricity bills, saving you money as well as heat.

To speak to us about the door fitting service we provide contact ABi Garage Doors Ltd on 01709 318722.

Wood-Effect Sectional Doors

If you want a durable yet traditional-looking door then a wood-effect one is the ideal choice.  Using the latest technology, Hormann has developed a range of timber-like doors which look great whilst have the strength of steel.  This means that a classic look is achieved with the added benefits of superb security and robustness.

As ever with the Hormann range a number of different style doors are available for you to choose from.  Whether you opt for the classic Georgian design or perhaps a rib pattern, every door is treated with a special synthetic foil coating.  This coating is UV-resistant and is designed to provide protection from the harsh British climate.  As well as being functional, it also looks good too as its delicate ‘grain’ finish produces a realistic timber appearance.

Another benefit of wood-effect sectional doors is the level of insulation they can offer.  If your garage is joined to your property or regularly used as a workshop then double-skinned insulation can be fitted.  This not only keeps more warmth in during cold spells but also helps you to save money on your electricity bill.

ABi Garage Doors Ltd are able to match new wood-effect sectional doors to the current window style at your home.  We also provide corresponding garage door frames and front doors if you should wish to install these too.  With operation available in both manual and electric mode you can choose which system you would like depending on your individual requirements.

Call 01709 318722 to find out more about our range of wood-effect sectional doors.

Timber Sectional Doors

Timber sectional doors offer the best of both worlds – a superb choice of style combined with excellent security features.  It is not surprising that they are very popular amongst our customers.

Our wooden sectional doors are available in either the classic Georgian or more contemporary horizontal rib design.  It is also possible to create a bespoke door for you for example by incorporating natural stone or including elements based on your own personal designs.

ABi Garage Doors Ltd offer a choice of either Nordic Pine or Hemlock timber.  Nordic Pine is a softwood with a natural light colour.  It also has ‘spiral’ grains and yellow-brown knots running through it.  Hemlock is also a softwood but has a straight grain, is light grey-brown in colour and has bark pockets.

Whilst looking great, our timber doors also come with all the expected modern benefits.  These include insulation to reduce heat loss, electric operation for ease and convenience and modern locks for safety and security.

To talk to one of experts about the timber sectional doors we supply please phone 01709 318722.

Features & Benefits

  • A choice of Georgian or ribbed panels
  • UV-resistant primers
  • A huge range of colours
  • Scratch-proof Duragrain designs
  • Authentic wood-effect Decograin styles
  • Three levels of insulation
  • Manual or electric operation
  • 10-year guarantees


I have used this Company before and therefore had no hesitation in using them again. On both occasions we received a first class, professional service from point of order to delivery and installation. Would highly recommend.

Carol Wright

All went smoothly. From placing the order to the installation taking place on the agreed date. The installation has been done to a very high standard and the quality of product, being German, is of course excellent. It is early days (only one week since the install) but as of now – a thoroughly good job!

J Dimberline

Excellent contractor/supplier. Turned up on time and on the day they said. Good work ethic and friendly staff. I had been given timescales of 6 to 8 weeks by other door suppliers but the process only took 2 weeks from initial survey to completed fitting. I would recommend ABI to others without hesitation.

Adam Hughes


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